Subterra Grey Model P

Product Name and Model: Subterra Grey Model P
Development Stage: Alpha Prototypes being field tested (10/2020)
Description: The Subterra Grey Model P is a mobile soil spectroscopy laboratory that uses a push-probe technology to insert a probe into the ground. The probe measures continuous infrared spectra of the chemicals in the soil. The Subterra Grey Model P is designed for use in forensics and specifically targets discovery of fatty salts created during decomposition of human remains. The unit is portable, operable by a non-scientific operator, and provides an on-site, instantaneous “dig/no dig” indication.
Reasons To Buy
  • 90% accuracy in determining presence of human remains
  • Improves case closure rates
  • Speeds recovery by providing instantaneous, on-site analysis
  • Lowers costs of searches by up to 80%
  • Provides closure to families of missing persons
  • Compact and portable - ideal for rugged terrain and confined search areas
  • Real-time analysis provides instantaneous dig/no dig decision
  • No scientific training needed
  • Requires only one individual to operate in the field
  • Minimally invasive to sensitive forensics site
Specifications: The following specifications are estimates based on the current design. These are subject to change during prototype construction and testing.
  • Probe Depth: 37 in
  • Probe Diameter: 0.5 in
  • Target Insertion Force: 200 lb
  • Probe Insertion Time: 23 seconds
  • Spectrometer: EMS Fabry-Perot
  • Wavelength Range: 1550-1950 nm
  • Light Source: 40W max, Quartz halogen
  • Fiberoptic Cable: 19 x 600/660/710 um silica
  • Load Cell (insertion force): +/- 1000 lb
  • Power: 48V 25 AH Li ion battery
  • Dimensions: 71"H x 43"L x 33"W
  • Weight: 330 lbs.
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
Site Characteristics:
  • Burial Age: Up to 150 years
  • Depth of Burial: Up to 1.0 meters
  • Size of Remains: Intact bodies will be found with default grid probe grid spacing; tighter grid spacing will find smaller remains such as individual disarticulated body parts.
Subterra Grey Model P (design on left; current prototype on right)
Subterra Grey Model P (design on left; current prototype on right)